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Barbary Coast is a role play game pursued in the virtual worlds of Second Life and our Open Simulator grid called Farworldz. Residents (players) take on the personage of a slave-owning predator or a slave and indulge their fantasy of actually living a life in times gone by when pirate slavers known as Corsairs raided the costal villages and ports of northern Europe taking innocents and selling them in the slave ports of North Africa. The Corsairs were a mixed bunch of Turks, Moors and rogue Christians that had converted to Islam - some even being former slaves themselves.

Entering into the role play of Barbary Coast is all about unashamed erotic escapism and, though it can be described as a game, it is actually much more. There is a strong community spirit of like-minded people with a broad spectrum of interest. Some enjoy historical drama and others just being a pirate is what it's all about. Of course, there is a strong BDSM element to much of what goes on. BC is, after all, a slave owning culture where willing - consensual - slaves enjoy being owned and dominated by a Master or Mistress. Much of the activity is pure theatre where people act out their fantasies on a daily basis in a never ending soap opera of challenges.

For the un-initiated you enter our virtual 3D world as a walking, talking avatar. We have none-playing areas, clubs, shops and even private residential regions.But, of course, the Barbary coast regions are where the action is. Went entering the role play we ask that you dress your avatar in the clothes of the period which is circa 1750. You can play much how you please. If you want to be a slave getting chased and captured that's fine. If you want to do the chasing that's fine too. You can experience that all day long and there are plenty of sex toys to make it fun. However, if you want a more immersive experience then make your way to a port where people tend to hang out in the taverns and make yourself known and begin your story. We want good role players so you will be welcomed.

As an example imagine you are some lady of wealth and means on passage in a ship bound for India. The ship is wrecked in a storm and you, being the only survivor, get washed up on the shore of the north African coast. You might try to find the nearest port to get help but, as you trek along the coast, you are spotted by a Nomad who seems amiable enough until suddenly he grabs you and before you know it you have an iron collar fixed round your neck. Your new life as a slave has begun. What will become of you? It could happen that you will be sold in one of the slave port auctions and end up in a harem or worse as bordello slave servicing all and sundry. But you could just as easily end up as a courtesan gaining favor and fortune, and even power.

For others, the life of a Corsairs slaver is what it's all about. Perhaps you consider yourself a mariner with a knowledge of the sea and the wish to own a fine sailing ship of the period. You arrive in one of the slave ports intent on making your fortune, buying that ship and enjoying the pleasure of beautiful women kneeling at your boots calling you Master and obeying your every command. You could even become a desert Nomad, a citizen seeking a trade. or a privateer, even one of the pirates.

The role play is currently set on two regions in Second Life. The land is set out as a coastal region with a number of ports handling the ships which sail a great expanse of sea. There is the port of Korat and yet another called Kadiz while across the sea there is an island called Black Rock which is, of course, the pirate haven. Much of the coast is desert with rocky outcrops and hills along it's length. There are high ridges too above a jungle strip where those women who resist slavery live in an ancient ruin high over a gorge and spectacular waterfall. Yes, there is a tribe of Amazons too! Indeed, you will find the remnant Knights of the Crusades lucking in the ports too serving as mercenaries to the ruling Pashas. And there are Gypsies, Outlaws and Rogues amongst others all trying to make their fortune.

In the Farworldz grid another set of regions provide cross grid role play for our Second Life players and those who have made Farworldz their home. Currently, Farworldz supports a 16 region area. Here you will find another Barbary coast port called Moresh and the Island stronghold of Malta which is home to the Malta knights. But the jewel in the ocean is Constantinople, the great fortress palace of the Ottoman Sultan. Finally, there is Gibraltar which, of course, is a British Naval port and a constant reminder that trouble is never far away.

Now you know a little about us and what we do it only remains to say something about this web site. We set it up with a forum on one of the links to give members of our community a place to get help and share information. But, to really experience Barbary Coast in it's virtual setting you will need to join Second Life or register here and download a viewer to start to play.